SHE: A Journey of Faith, Hope & Love with Women of the Bible

WINNER: Best Non-Fiction - Australasia's CALEB Prize

Whimsy Primsy book | Jen Gibbs Author

Whimsy Primsy (3 books)

SHORTLISTED: Best Children's Book

Australasia's CALEB prize

Endorsed by Joy Cowley


Created by the students of

Pt Chevalier School.

All proceeds go to the school



CALEB Prize Winner and Shortlist

Jen's books SHE and Whimsy Primsy were both shortlisted for Australasia's CALEB prize. SHE won Best Published Non-Fiction!


Jen's Short Stories

"Life: A Duology" was shortlisted for the NZSA Heritage Literary Awards held in October 2021.

"All The Ways We Love" was published in Love Story Volume I by Elephant House Press, Australia, 2019.

"The Good One" was accepted for publication in an Australasian anthology in 2020, however, the publication was suspended due to COVID.

The Best Endorsement

This is Joy Cowley. All-round writing legend. She's won too many awards (national and international) to name. And at 81 is still pumping out award winning books. Well... she's endorsed Primsy! Apparently she gets asked a lot and usually declines but she fell in love with the Primsy stories. Check out her endorsement

Joy Cowley | Jen Gibbs Author


If you're keen to gather the girls for a group study of SHE, here are some resources to make it super simple: Facilitator guide and some short videos. 



Of Whimsy Primsy:

"Whimsy Primsy is every child who needs a little reassurance. These delightful books are real and empowering"

Joy Cowley,



"From the very introduction you will be drawn into the pages of this amazing book... Jen's insights into these biblical women and her amazing communication skills will leave you wanting to read more. An incredible book and a must-read"

Paul and Maree de Jong, Senior Pastors,



Of Jen:

"The best of the speakers"

"Excellent! This session gave me what I came here for - help and writing."

"I loved her the most. Transparent and practical."

"Please do it more."

"Would like to hear her again."



Feedback from Participants



Jen Gibbs author | Family | Book Launch

Jen was born in a generic small-town of New Zealand, the middle child to some Salvation Army officers. They instilled in her a number of things: a penchant for a nomadic lifestyle; the belief that the timbrel was a legitimate instrument; a love/hate relationship with driving (eight hours is not a long drive to get an ice-cream!); and the understanding that one day she was likely to be Prime Minister.



Jen studied English Literature at University and, in a rather geeky way, loved every second of it. She then married Tim and flitted around the world for a number of years, before settling in Auckland, New Zealand. Three children and no timbrels later, Jen is not the Prime Minister of New Zealand, but she has written a few books and stories and is very pleased with them indeed.




My books are a labour of love.

In them I share my heart and I'd love you to share yours.

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